import org.openqa.selenium.* shows compilation error - The package org.openqa.selenium is not accessible even though I have added the external jar files in the class path.

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Hi, I am a new to selenium. I have installed the latest version of Java, Eclipse and selenium and have set up as suggested in the below blog-

I have also added the external jar files to the class path.

but  import org.openqa.selenium.* shows compilation error  as  The package org.openqa.selenium is not accessible. hence I am unable to do any further progress.

the Java version - is 15

Eclipse IDE for Java Developers - Version: 2020-09 (4.17.0)

Selenium - Java - 3.141.59

Am I missing anything?

Oct 7 in Selenium by anonymous
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Here's what you can try 

  • Either keep only selenium-server-standalone-3.141.59.jar as an external JAR.
  • Or keep only selenium-java-3.141.59 JARs as an external JARs.
  • Remove all the other Selenium Java Client JARs.
  • Clean your Project Workspace through your IDE and Rebuild your project with required dependencies only.
  • Take a System Reboot.
  • Execute your @Test.

Additionally, you need to provide the absolute path of the chromedriver.exe as follows:

answered Oct 7 by Karan
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thank you it is very useful

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