How to call perl script in Python script?

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How to call Perl script in Python script?

Oct 6 in Python by anonymous
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Open your Python code in your Python editor of choice.

Go to the line in the code where you want to run your Perl script.

Type "pyth.RunPerl.ext;" where "Full Path To File" is the full path filename of your Perl file. This will cause Python to execute the Perl file, then continue down the line with the rest of your Python code.

answered Oct 6 by Gitika
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If you just want to open a pipe to a Perl interpreter, you're on the right track. The only thing I think you're missing is that the Perl script itself is not executable. So you need to do this:

var = "/some/file/path/"
pipe = subprocess.Popen(["perl", "./", var], stdin=subprocess.PIPE)
answered Oct 6 by Reshma

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