Capistrano deploy error saying end of file reached while deploying to Ubuntu server

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I was following this blog, to set up my rails server, and after I ran this command, I am getting the following error

EOFError: end of file reached

I'm able to log into the server and i'm getting the same error when i run the following command
cap production deploy:check.

How do get over this error?

Jul 3, 2018 in Other DevOps Questions by Hannah
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Seems like Capistrano can't connect to the server and is timing out, the most likely culprit is that it's not reading the SSH key correctly. The easiest way to test it would be to try creating an ssh config file:

nano ~/.ssh/config


    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa


ssh deploy@

Make sure it connects. (I'm assuming is the IP of your server...)

If that works, try cap production deploy:check again.


What's happening here is the ssh config will feed the extra parameters to any SSH call to that Host (in this case the IP). You could change the Host to '' if you wanted and then you would run ssh if you wanted to create some separation.

answered Jul 3, 2018 by Kalgi
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