How to balance confidentiality with sharing information

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How to balance confidentiality with sharing information?
Sep 2, 2020 in PMP by anonymous
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Generally, if you have an NDA signed with a party, then you cannot put any information (Especially sensitive info) with anyone else without that party's consent. If the info is already available in the public domain, then you can share it. 

There is no direct answer to this question, but only some hints 

  • Follow your company policies always. Initially, when you join a company, you would have signed at many places with declarations that suggest their policies.

  • If you have signed a contract with vendor/customer, always follow the rules written in that contract (There would be clauses related information sharing in the contract) 

  • Moreover, there are rules specific to certain countries. You need to follow them (eg: export regime control to certain countries, trade embargoes) 

This would help you avoid legal trouble.

answered Sep 2, 2020 by Ramachandra

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