Project management tools that are free to use and fit for virtual project team

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Need suggestions on popularly used free to use project management tools for team members communication, document sharing, collaboration, process design, agile progress reporting.

Also, I would like to avoid excessive use of emails.

Aug 6, 2020 in PMP by Karan
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The tool that suits your requirements is Asana. It promises “teamwork without email.” 

Asana has Google Drive integration, the ability to forward an email to Asana, and have it be automatically turned into a task and a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts makes Asana a top contender for usability and functionality.

Asana is priced based on the number of users and is actually free for the first 15.

Have a look at this for a summary of the project management tools.

Hope this helps!

answered Aug 6, 2020 by Kim
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Restyaboard is the best free project management software that will keep me and my team on track with daily tasks and projects. This tool helps to operate small businesses more efficiently. It is a perfect fit for virtual project teams.

answered Aug 11, 2020 by Tom
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