Connectivity between Control-M and Power BI

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Hi All,
Does any one have any idea about connectivity between Control-M and Power BI ?
I want to achive event based scheduling for Power BI Reports(Paginated Reports).

We are trying to implement even based scheduling in our project. Currenly , In existing architechture they are using control M for scheduling the crystal reports. Is there any other way ? Can we integrate Control M and Powerbi reports using some API ?
Aug 28, 2020 in Power BI by Edureka
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There are few new APIs that will allow you to programmatically trigger data refreshes and retrieve refresh history for any dataset that you own. With these versatile new tools, you’ll be able to easily automate and scale out Power BI data refresh management – no more clicking through dataset settings or flipping through refresh histories. In addition, these APIs open the door to integrating data refresh into your existing ETL or deployment processes. 

Getting Started

To trigger refresh for a dataset in the Power BI service, simply make the following HTTP Request. You can craft this request using an HTTP.

Some additional tips:

  • Once you make the request, a data refresh will immediately be kicked off in the Power BI service
  • This works for any dataset imported to the Power BI service that you own
  • To get the group ID and dataset ID, you can make a separate API call, or simpler yet, just navigate to dataset settings in Power BI. The URL will have both the group ID and the dataset ID.
  • Like all requests to the Power BI REST API, you will have to attach an AAD access token.

For more information, see here

If you are interested in learning Power BI Concepts, check out Power BI Training Topics covered by Edureka's Power BI course.

answered Aug 28, 2020 by Rajiv
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