How to systematically follow a decision-making process in Project Management

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If you use a decision-making process, what steps do you consider? All project managers have to make decisions.

Please share your insight with us on the subject?

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"Decision Making" - This is one of the main capabilities of all leaders in any type of organization.

It's one of the property which can't be learned it's by born. Because it's an intangible property that anybody can use social, family & organization belt also.

In my opinion, it's particularly a "MASTER VOICE".

7 Steps in Decision Making: from Identification to Implementation

1 Identify a problem or opportunity
• The first step is to recognize a problem or to see opportunities that may be worthwhile.
• Will it really makes a difference to our customers?
• How worthwhile will it be to solve this problem or realize this opportunity?

2 Gather information
• What is relevant and what is not relevant to the decision?
• What do you need to know before you can make a decision, or that will help you make the right one?
• Who knows, who can help, who has the power and influence to make this happen (or to stop it)?

3 Analyze the situation
• What alternative courses of action may be available to you?
• What different interpretations of the data may be possible?

4 Develop options(Alternative Solution)
• Generate several possible options.
• Be creative and positive.
• Ask “what if” questions.
• How would you like your situation to be?

5 Evaluate alternatives
• What criteria should you use to evaluate?
• Evaluate for feasibility, acceptability, and desirability.
• Which alternative will best achieve your objectives?

6 Select a preferred alternative
• Explore the provisional preferred alternative for future possible adverse consequences.
• What problems might it create?
• What are the risks of making this decision?

7 Act on the decision
• Put a plan in place to implement the decision.
• Have you allocated resources to implement?
• Is the decision accepted and supported by colleagues?
• Are they committed to making the decision work?

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