What are your key learning in managing project with Work from home mode

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Most of us are working on projects from home. There are many challenges we might already have come across and many which we might have thought as risk, may not be a risk now.
Please do share your experience, observation about work from home
- threats
- Opportunities
- Lessons learned
- New best practices
And more

Thanks in advance

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However, with the implementation of risk response strategies, there is the potential for secondary risks to be generated.

Here are a few of the risks which could be introduced:
- Changes to expected productivity and output - either increased or decreased depending on a number of factors
- Changes to team dynamics and morale - either positive or negative
- Changes to product/service quality - either positive or negative
The terms "best practices" as practices are context-specific:

Some of the practices I've embraced are:
1. Set a routine and stick with it (unless there's a really good reason to change it).
2. Remain open to opportunities - you never know where they will come from.
3. Be twice as patient as you would have otherwise - there is probably a good reason that person is not getting back in touch with you as quickly as you feel they should have.

Check out this PMP Certification course for more information about project management.

answered Aug 4, 2020 by David Samon

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