What is the difference between document and dashboard

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I cannot get difference between the two terminologies of MSTR. Please help!
Jun 26, 2018 in MicroStrategy by Akrati
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MicroStrategy document contains objects representing data coming from one or more reports, as well as positioning and formatting information. It is used to format data from multiple reports in a single display of presentation quality. When you create a document, you can specify the data that appears, control the layout, formatting, grouping, and subtotalling of data, and specify the position of page breaks. It has:

  • Page headers
  • Document headers
  • Detail headers
  • Detail
  • Page footer
  • Document header

MicroStrategy dashboard is an interactive display that you can create to showcase and explore business data. You can add simple visual representations of the data (called visualizations) to the dashboard to make the data easier to interpret, perform manipulations on the data to customize which information to display, organize data into multiple sheets and pages to provide a logical flow to your dashboard, and so on. You can quickly and easily create a polished dashboard without requiring a lot of design time using visualizations and pre-defined, presentation-quality formatting.

answered Jun 26, 2018 by sophia
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