Lost connection between VM Instance and Wordpress Deployment

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Hi there, I recently Hosted a Wordpress on GCP , successfully, by watching couple Youtube tutorial .

Setup : VM instances ____F1-micro

Deployment : openlitespeed

On Wordpress I used Astra Theme , free version . I have a form on the site to collect lead ( I provide marketing service on that wordpress site )  , using WPforms , then I setup Gmail API that allow interaction between The Form on Wordpress Site ….to my work email ( Gsuite email )

Note : my VM instance is on a regular Gmail account . And my contact email using WPforms and API is an Gsuite Email account  <— 2 different email account

After an Hour or so , I can not access the site via URL , or External IP , or Admin URL on Deployment Manager page . Look like the site is down . So went back to GCP , in VM Instance , it advised to upgrade to G1-Small machine because it recently get high memory consumption ( ?!? I dont remember exactly the message , dont quote me on this ) .

In my non-technical little brain , I thought the wordpress site is a bit heavy , and the machine is not strong enough . It is logical to upgrade to G1-Small and then the site will Up again Lol ….Nope it didn’t

 A bit of digging , I find that under Deployment Manager page where it show Wordpress admin URL , that same Deployment openlitespeed still show “ Instance machine Type : F1-Micro “   which is the old machine before the upgrade

PLease anyone can point me where is the problem ? It take me 2 days to customize that Wordpress site and I dont want to re-do everything all over again .

Looks like to me that GCP is not currently connect with Wordpress . Please slap me with your knowledges lol I will try to catch up

Thank you in advance .
Jul 15, 2020 in GCP by ecruflyaway
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If your software deployment hosts content on an external IP address, the software deployment automatically configures firewall rules on the network where your deployment runs. 

For example, Wordpress deployments open ports so that you can access the web console and display content over HTTP and HTTPS. 

If the firewall configuration fails, you might receive a HTTP 404 error when you try to connect to the web console on the external IP address.

answered Jul 27, 2020 by Karan
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