How to change the Font size and Theme font Arial to DD-MM-YYYY Test csv file in UiPath

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I have pulled data from the web browser and saved in XL sheet in my local drive and it saved with DD-MM-YYYY_Test.csv format daily successfully, Now I'm unable to send the file to my Gmail because everyday file name will be changing and I don't know how to add the file name in an attachment  in send SMTP mail message activity. and also I have to change the font size and Theme font (Arial) but unable to do. Could anyone help me on this?

Appreciate your help on this!!


Jul 11, 2020 in RPA by Edureka
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CSV is just a comma-separated value file. It is simply one type of text file. Excel is an editor of CSV from one of them.

So far I know, we can't change any font size or style in CSV as this is a text type file.

If you have requirements for this size and style, I would suggest creating a .xls file instead of CSV.
answered Jul 13, 2020 by Avishek Jana
Thanks for your help.

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