R program Filter and re-arrange data based on multiple conditions

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I have a data in which I need to filter and re-arrange columns and add a new column based on multiple conditions. Couldn't figure it out how to be done. Kindly support. I was able to sort two columns and then I'm stuck how to produce the code and logic. Alm id has multiple occurances. Now I need to re-arrange in such a way that those alm ids that has Action as "Insert" with Occur_time, should be consider as first_occur_time. Those alm ids whose action is Update with latest Occur_time should be consider as last_occur_time and those alm id with actions as delete with occur time, should be consider as Cleared_time (If delete is not available, then we should replace it with its first_occur_date  23:59:59 -- Colored below in light brown). Below is the df - almdata) and output required. Kindly share the logic and R code through which this can be achieved.

Table data (almdata):

enter image description here

Required Output

enter image description here



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You need to create your own customized scripts. R language has lots of predefined keywords like insert, sort, drop, etc. Using these keywords first sort your dataset with respect to time and then drop the same value.

answered Jul 27, 2020 by MD
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