Any filter based on conditional criteria in r?

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I would like to subset based on a specific criteria - any sort of conditional filter.

My data frame is a panel dataset of daily values for each day between 2004-2014.

Each day in the data frame is a separate observation. Each year has 366 days. I would like to subset the data such that only the leap years retain the 366th day in the panel data.

I need a script that will return a dataset without the 366th day but only for each year other than 2004, 2008, and 2012.

Can someone help me out with this?
May 11, 2018 in Data Analytics by DataKing99
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Consider a data frame like this:

#Create DF
 year<-rep(c(2004:2014), each=366)
 df<-data.frame(day, year)

Set up data:

df  <- expand.grid(year=2004:2014,day=1:366)
nrow(df) ## 4026

Now exclude cases where (the year is not divisible by 4) AND (day equals 366) (identifying non-leap years would be trickier if you included 2000 and/or century-years in your dataset )

df2 <- df %>% filter(!(year %% 4 > 0 & day==366))
answered May 11, 2018 by darklord
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