Steps to Test Broken Links Using JMeter

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Want to Know step by step to test all the broken links of a website using JMeter and write all the links to a external file.
Jun 30, 2020 in Software Testing by nrusungh
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Here are the steps involved in testing broken links using Jmeter. 

  1. Launch JMeter
  2. Add a Thread Group
  3. Add an HTTP Request under Thread Group
  4. Update the URL of the web page on which you need to find the broken links
  5. Add a ‘Regular Expression Extractor‘ under the HTTP Request.
  6. Add a ForEach Controller (To iterate all the links)
  7. Under ForEach controller, Add an HTTP request (this is to send the HTTP request & see if the given link is broken or not)

For more info refer to

Hope this helps! 

answered Jun 30, 2020 by Lyana K

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