Web scraping data from a Spotfire web report

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I was reading about Web Scraping using Python in this post:

Currently I have to daily go open the Spotfire web report select some filters and manually type the data in an excel document,

I am trying to automatically grab the data from a Sportfire Web Report, specific data in a label over a chart for example. 

(not exporting data sheet or table) Just the specific values under a certain fields in the report

But I can't find the way to apply this method or if this is the best solution to it, someone knows a way to do this?

Jun 26, 2020 in Python by anonymous
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Hi, @There,

You can try this: It reads data from a web service and saves the data as a data table into the analysis.

import clr
from System.IO import *
from System.Net import HttpWebRequest, NetworkCredential
from Spotfire.Dxp.Data.Import import TextFileDataSource, TextDataReaderSettings

req = HttpWebRequest.Create("http://server-port/fileName.csv")

user_agent = 'individual user-agent'
req.Method = "GET"
req.UseDefaultCredentials = True

readerSettings = TextDataReaderSettings()
readerSettings.Separator = ","
readerSettings.CultureName = "en-GB"

rsp = req.GetResponse()
dSource = TextFileDataSource(rsp.GetResponseStream(),readerSettings)

for table in Document.Data.Tables:
		if table.Name == "dataFromWebService":
			tblfound = "true"
if tblfound == "false":
if tblfound == "true":

rsp.Close ();
answered Jun 30, 2020 by Gitika
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