how to run spark job from EC2 to EMR

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I have created a django application in EC2 instance and for analytics I used pyspark in django application. Now for spark jobs i want to utilize EMR. How it can be done?
Jun 24, 2020 in Apache Spark by Edureka
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You can follow the below-given steps to run your spark code in the EMR cluster.

  • Upload files on Amazon S3.

  • Open the Amazon EMR console.

  • Choose Create cluster.

  • On the General Configuration section, enter the cluster name, choose the S3 bucket you created (the logs will be stored in this bucket), and check Step execution.

  • On the Add steps section, select Spark application, click Configure, and fill the popup like this.

  • On the Software Configuration section, use the default release.

  • On the Hardware configuration section, choose the instance type and the number of instances.

  • On the Security and access section, use the default values.

  • Click on Create cluster

  • Now go back to the S3 console and you will see the output directory in which the result has been stored, you can click on it and download its contents

answered Jun 25, 2020 by MD
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