How to export Docker container metrics

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Hi Guys,

I want to export docker metrics and want to connect with monitoring tool like grafana. So that I can monitor my containers from anywhere. Can someone help me how can I do this?

Thank You

May 28, 2020 in Docker by akhtar
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By default, docker will not allow you to monitor its metrics. For that you have to configure your docker. You can use the below code to configure your docker engine.

  • Go to your /etc/docker folder and create one file named daemon.json. Inside this file write down these below lines.
  "metrics-addr" : "",
  "experimental" : true
  • After that restart your docker engine.
$ systemctl restart docker.
  • Now you can browse your docker metrics.
$ localhost:9323/metrics

Hope this is helpful.

answered May 28, 2020 by MD
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