is there any way to download truffle how to solve this error

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I have tried downloading truffle using my node.js command prompt with the command of ' npm install -g truffle '. However, i got this error instead?

Does anyone know what could be the problem? Tried running it as administrator but still cannot work

May 22, 2020 in Web Development by aishah
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recategorized May 23, 2020 by Gitika 496 views

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Hello @ aishah ,

It seems likely that this is just something messed up with your local dev environment.

Some things I might try:

  1. wiping away node_modules and trying again
  2. different version of npm / node
  3. npm cache clean
  4. Delete your $HOME/.node-gyp directory

If you google around for "npm issues" and "node-gyp" there are lots of GH issues with similar problems, that might provide help debugging and resolving this.

Hope this works!!

answered May 25, 2020 by Niroj
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