cqlsh queries fial if tombstones are present

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My table has some tombstones. The problem is that when I perform a spark job on that table, it gives results without any issue, but if I execute the same query using cqlsh it gives errors because of the tombstones present.

Cassandra failure during read query at consistency one(1 replica needed but o replicas responded ,1 failed

I can reslove the tombstone issue by running a repair, but still, why did spark work and cqlsh fail? Both of them use same session and queries.

Jun 18, 2018 in DevOps Tools by shubham
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There are a few major differences between spark cassandra sn cqlsh

  • It uses the Java Driver instead of the python Driver
  • It has significantly more lenient retry policies
  • It scans the full table by breaking the request into pieces
answered Jun 18, 2018 by DareDev
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