Where can I start learning Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

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I want to start my learning journey in AI and ML world. Can anyone suggest me, from where I can start or which course should I take related to these technology?
May 13, 2020 in Machine Learning by akhtar
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If you are a beginner then you should start with python concept like numpy and pandas. After getting some knowledge of this topic you can start your ML/AI journey.

  • First thing you can start with computer vision topic where all the basics of array and dataframe will clear. Also you will know about some small small operations that plays a big role in ML/AI while going through the computer vision topic.

  • After that you can start with Machine Learning concepts. But before that you should go through feature engineering concepts. To create a ML model is not a big deal, but the model should work properly. So you should know about your dataset, about your input data and predict data. That is why feature engineering is more important then creating a ML model.

  • From there you can start to create your ML model using LinearRegerssion and it will make comfortable to you in ML world. After that you can start with Neural Network, ANN, Classification problem, CNN etc.

If you face challenges to understand the concepts, you can take the Artificial Intelligence Certification Course for your reference. It will give you step by step guidance to implement the concepts. You can go through the below link for more information about this.

answered May 13, 2020 by MD
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