How do I make a list with checkboxes in Java Swing?

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Hii team,

What would be the best way to have a list of items with a checkbox each in Java Swing?
May 7 in Java by kartik
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Hii @kartik,

  • Create a custom ListCellRenderer and asign it to the JList.
  • This custom ListCellRenderer must return a JCheckbox in the implementantion of getListCellRendererComponent(...) method.
  • But this JCheckbox will not be editable, is a simple paint in the screen is up to you to choose when this JCheckbox must be 'ticked' or not,

For example, show it ticked when the row is selected (parameter isSelected), but this way the check status will no be maintained if the selection changes. Its better to show it checked consulting the data below the ListModel, but then is up to you to implement the method who changes the check status of the data, and notify the change to the JList to be repainted.

Hope it help!!

answered May 7 by Niroj
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