Not able to browse jenkins from windows browser

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Hi Guys,

I have installed jenkins in my Linux system. It works fine in Linux. But when I tried to browse from windows, I am not able to open. My windows and Linux system are in same network.

May 4, 2020 in DevOps Tools by akhtar
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Getting same error for me aswell when running in browser

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You may get this error because your Linux firewall will not allow your Windows machine to connect. So you can turn off your firewall by using below given command.

$ systemctl stop firewalld

It will turn off your Linux firewall temporarily. Now you can try. It will work.

answered May 4, 2020 by MD
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As systemctl is not installed

Tried sudo stop firewalld

cameup with error

[root@master-july2020 systemd-216]# sudo stop firewalld

stop: Unknown job: firewalld

Can you tell me which Linux system you are using? Systemctl is a command of the Redhat/CentOS Linux system.


I have created this in VM instance in GCP

Error when using systemctl:

[root@master-july2020 ~]# systemctl stop firewalld

bash: systemctl: command not found

I am trying to connect to my Jenkins.

Ok understood. As you are using the GCP cloud then they will not allow you to shut down the firewall program. Did you create an inbound rule in your security group that allows port 8080 for Jenkins?

Do I need to install Jenkins in my windows laptop to browse this URL?

If not then please help me with the steps to create an inbound rule to allow port 8080 for Jenkins

No, you don't have to install Jenkins on your laptop. You have launched one instance on the GCP cloud right. Every instance has one security group attached. So check your instance details first. You can find your security group name for your instance. After that edit that security group and add one rule for port 8080.

Able to access this after creating a rule in my GCP instance.

Thank you very much for your help.

That's good. One thing I must tell you, don't share your public IP to anyone. Because anyone can access it. I am also able to access your Jenkins now. As you have given the URL above. So I am removing that URL.

Yeah sure.Thanks for that.Anyway this is a dynamic IP,Just restarted my VM instance.

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