How can I extract data dynamically

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How can I extract data from application and save it on excel one by one, means get data from excell column 1 and then fetch data and save it on column 2 then again get data from column 1 and save it just below where  first fetch data was save.
Apr 25, 2020 in RPA by anonymous
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You want to know how to extract data from an excel sheet that changes dynamically? Is that your query?
Yes, but write data in column 2 just before the data in column 1
Have you tried vikky's solution?

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you need to use for loop

in that for each row in you column1 you need to search that in application and output of that you can write it into another csv file (use append csv) so for next row of column1 your result will be stored in the other CSV's row2.

when that for loop is completed then in the end you can use a excel application scope

in which you can run a macro to merge both input and output sheet.
answered Apr 28, 2020 by vikky
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