Couldn t sign to Chrome with selenium

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i tried to write script to download mail from gmail using selenium with python,

but when sign in into google via webdriver, all the time chorme is mention "This browser or app may not be secure."

i tried with adding following arguments as well  but it's not fixed yet.

options = webdriver.ChromeOptions()
**can some one help me to get this solve....
Apr 20, 2020 in Selenium by anonymous
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The error message you are getting implies that the WebDriver was unable to authenticate the Browsing Context i.e. Browser session.

In these cases, the respective solution would be to:

Hope this helps! 

answered Apr 20, 2020 by Sirajul
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Thanks for your reply.

but two factor authentication has been disabled already for this account.

is there any another ways that i can used to fix this?
Have you allowed the less secure apps for your account?
Yes, i tried with that way as well, but same error is happening again.

 This issue probably may be when multiple gmail accounts have already been created from the same App/IP/Device. Google somehow is marking those accounts and blocks them if they are launched by automation frameworks/extensions.

Here's what you could try

  • Create a fresh GMail account using a different mobile number from another device and try the same.
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Yes. I have spent my whole day and finally got a solution. You have to create h new dummy account for test automation because google has implemented some automation checks. So please try with New Dummy Account. Hope It's works
answered Aug 25, 2020 by anonymous

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