Is CCNA a big plus while applying for a DevOps job because networking knowledge comes in handy

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to work on linux we need networking knowledge right?  I already have a red hat engineer certificate but i feel left behind when it comes to online services like postfix, apache etc.
Apr 20, 2020 in Other DevOps Questions by Shubham
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Hii amit,

Actually now a days Cloud Computing is a lucrative option after getting CCNA Certified because it is closely related to Networking, more than DevOps. Also, being certified in CCNA helped professionals gain valuable knowledge and recognition in Networking for those who needed entering the Cloud Computing domain, where their competencies in Networking would prove to be of great use.

You should consider going for DevOps if you have more of a programming background. DevOps is closely associated with software life cycle rather than networking and cloud.

Both the fields offer good career paths, choose wisely as per your interest in the domain and your career background and experience.

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Hope this is helpfull!!

Thank You!!

answered Apr 20, 2020 by Niroj
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