UnicodeDecodeError utf-8 codec can t decode byte 0xba in position 16 invalid start byte

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Hi Guys,

I am trying to read one CSV file in my jupyter notebook using pandas, but it shows me Unicode error

How can I solve this error?

Thank You

Apr 9, 2020 in Python by akhtar
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This type of error will occur, if there are any problem to decode any value. To avoid this you can follow the below given code.

import pandas as pd
dataset = pd.read_csv('csv_file', encoding='ISO-8859–1')

Hope this will help.

Thank You

answered Apr 9, 2020 by MD
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Thank you dude!
Saved Me! Thank You :)
Thanks, it helps me.
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Thanks, This answer was helpful.
answered Jul 11, 2020 by Prashant Chhatrashali

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