How to use version name in Bamboo script

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Hi All,

We have 3 tasks in our Default Job in Bamboo - 1) Checkout the source code, 2) Maven build, and 3) Script to upload to AWS lambda function.  So 1 and 2, produces the .zip file named according the maven version, but step #3 doesn't know what the version is because it's a part of the maven build in the previous step.  So, I need to know how to tell step #3 what the .zip file name is.

We know the location will be prediction/target, but what is really unknown is the maven build version; it could be -0.0.1-SNAPSHOT, it could be -1.1.1210-SNAPSHOT. I know we could use the bambooBuildVersion, but then that means we would need to do a bunch of work to keep the maven versions in sync with bamboo...

So kindly let me know if we have any easy workaround of it.
Apr 9, 2020 in Other DevOps Questions by Abhishek
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