#SELENIUM, CHROMEOPTIONS - CAn we do one time set up for page zoom which applies for alll pages in the application

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Problem Statement :
THe application for which I am executing the selenium script, takes different resolution in different machines like laoptop, Desktop etc. Could someone please tell a solution,  if there is one time setup that we can do in the automation script once the chromedriver starts. Something like chromeoptions

I tried below methods:
- Created a zoominZoomout method, which executed javascript executor and sets the zoom. I dont want to use this becasue i have to call this method whereever it is needed while navigating to a new page. if the same code is executed in other' system, this may fail.

- Created method with key control, i have to follow the same callings as trial1.
Apr 3 in Selenium by Jyra
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You can create function with defined resolutions and call that when you want to execute script

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Have you tried using the Keys.chord() method:

WebElement html = driver.findElement(By.tagName("html"));
html.sendKeys(Keys.chord(Keys.CONTROL, Keys.ADD));
answered Apr 3 by Jake

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Use javascript executor for one time resolutions detection.

Use below code inside it

window.screen.width * window.devicePixelRatio and window.screen.height * window.devicePixelRatio.
answered Apr 6 by Jamal Mohammed

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