How to automatically deploy a jar from s3 to aws lambda

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I am using java for AWS Lambda. So I want to automatically deploy a jar to my AWS Lambda function.
Apr 2, 2020 in Java by Abhishek
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You could probably create a lambda function that will download the jar and use the jar to create / update the lambda function.

You can configure the new lambda function with permissions to read your S3 bucket and to deploy code on Lambda.

Check this out to  create a lambda function that would be triggered by S3 events. Lambda API  can be used by your lambda function to update its code.

answered Apr 2, 2020 by Jake

Ok so let me explain it in detail.

My Game Plan would be:
Part 1:
Here I want that as i build my project using Git, my script should pick that jar and upload it in S3 bucket.
This I want to achieve by Bamboo (Atlassian products).
Kindly provide script/link for it.

Part 2:
1.Once jar has been uploaded to S3, one S3Event will trigger to Lambda function(keep it name S3LambdaFunction).
2. And it will upload this Jar to my existing main Lambda function.
3. But this jar would be environment specific. Like may be for Dev, QA, Prod (jar_DEV, jar_QA, jar_PROD).
4. So I would have 3 different main Lambda function (mainLambdaFunction_DEV, mainLambdaFunction_QA, mainLambdaFunction_PROD).
5. So I want to upload that jar (say jar_DEV) into that main function (say mainLambdaFunction_DEV) accordingly to that environment (say Dev). Need to check whether we can call 3 Lambda function into One Lambda Function to upload the jar.
6. This I want to achieve by AWS JAVA sdk.
Kindly provide java code/Link for it.

Hey, @Abhishek,

Regarding your query, I guess this will be helpful.

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