What are preparedstatements How do they differ from statements

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Things I know, which are not expected in the answer:
The Prepared Statement may be parametrized

Relational databases handle a JDBC / SQL query in four steps:

  1. Parse the incoming SQL query
  2. Compile the SQL query
  3. Optimize the data acquisition path
  4. Execute the optimized query / acquire and return data

A Statement will always proceed through the four steps above for each SQL query sent to the database. A Prepared Statement pre-executes steps 1 to 3 in the execution process above. That is the reason why, when creating a Prepared Statement some pre-optimization is performed immediately. The effect is to lessen the load on the database engine at execution time.

Is any other advantage of using Prepared Statement?"

Jun 8, 2018 in Java by sharth
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  1. Statement is used for static queries like DDLs where create, drop, alter and prepareStatement is used for dynamic queries i.e. DML query. 
  2. In Statement, the query is not precompiled while in preparedStatement query is precompiled, because of this preparedStatement is time efficient.
  3. preparedStatement takes argument at the time of creation while Statement does not take arguments. For Example, if you want to create a table and insert elements then - Create a static table by using Statement and Insert element dynamically by using prepareStatement
answered Jun 8, 2018 by Daisy
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