How to convert each list item into string in a column of data frame. ?

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Actually, I have used split on a column in the data frame, not split have returned a list and now I cannot use any function on that data frame column. Its throwing error:" list hashable type"

need help either to convert each list element to string or need any function which can split the string on the :(colon) I want everything before the colon and want to discard everything after that. eg, "ABC:ashjgfja" so I want ABC and discard the rest of the string.

Any help is much appreciated


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To split a string you can use split method, which splits a string into a list. You can specify the separator as show below in the syntax:

For eg,

txt= "ABC:ashjgfja"



This will print your string ABC but will discard the string after the separator you have provided.

Try this, if it helps then let me know and if you face any problem then do share it here.

answered Feb 5 by Roshni
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