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Scenario:I have kept three json files under test folder in s3 bucket and I want to run python script using feed as argument.All the json files contain some random feed names like s2,s3,s4.When I iterate through a s3 bucket with a folder test,I want to read only that json file that contains the feed name passed by the user.

e.g:I have three feed names as s2,s3,s4 in s2.json,s3.json and s4.json file respectively.

when a user executes python upload.py -f s2,then I should be able to read only s2.json containing feed name as s2.Can you please help me with this?
Jan 22, 2020 in Python by Vishal
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Hi @Vishal,

You can simply use an if-else ladder in such a situation. 

m = sys.argv[]

if m == s2:
    f = open("s2.json", "r")

elif m == s3
    f = open("s3.json", "r")

elif m == s4
    f = open("s4.json", "r")

    print "Invalid Input"
answered Jan 22, 2020 by Kalgi
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