Creating Stacked Column Chart without unpivot of data in Power Query

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For creating Stacked Column Chart into PBI, I use the below steps :

1. Go to Power Query
2. Create a duplicate column of the field for which I need to update the graph
3. Rename the column to required name
4. Lastly I unpivot the duplicated columns and load the report

I have attached excel for your reference, which shows the table and chart been updated. (currently not able to see upload option)

There are around 6 stacked chart that I need to update to PBI Dashboard.

So for every 6 stacked charts, I again go to PBI and select get data option. So I have 6 data in Fields pane into PBI.

Is there a way a exclude the above steps that I mentioned. I do not want to create duplicate columns by going into Edit Queries.

Sorry. I'm totally new to Power BI, so going through multiple queries.
Jan 21 in Power BI by Prakash
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