Stacked and a independent column chart in power BI

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Hi, can anyone help how to create a stacked and an independent column chart?

I want to show options other than female and male gender in a stacked chart and female and male gender as individual columns.

Can someone help?
Jun 12, 2019 in Power BI by rahul

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Hi Rahul,

Follow the below steps:

1. Create a group with the elements that you need in the stacked column.

Right click on the column and click New Group.

Select the values in field and click on Group. Click ok.

2. Place the created group column in Axis and measure or aggregated column in Values.

3. Drop the column in legend and select vertically stacked column chart.

You can see a stacked column and other individual columns.


Hope it helps!.

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answered Jun 12, 2019 by anonymous
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I need to build the exact chart displayed in your post but I'm not able to group two of the columns that need to be stacked.  Under 'Ungrouped values', instead of showing other fields available in my table, it displays the values from the fields. How did you create the category "Furniture & Office Supplies" under the 'Groups and members' section?

Thank you.


You need to group the columns that you want to add as a stacked column and the others add them as separate groups with independent values.


Furniture & Office supplies - > Furniture, Office supplies

Technology -> Technology

If possible, can you share a pic of how far you have done? 

I can help you better then.


Thank you for your reply :)

I have three columns, CostClaimed, CostApproved & CostForecastApproved.  All three fields are data type Decimal Number.  The two columns I need to group are CostApproved ad CostForecastApproved with CostClaimed being a single column to the right.

I've tried to put everything into on snippet for you.

Thanks again for your reply.

The above solution is to group column values into independent and stacked columns, not different columns to independent and stacked bar chart.

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