Issue in Initialising the Blockchain

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Whenever Iam executing the following command:

/home/vashist/go-ethereum/build/bin/geth --datadir ~/ethereum/net3/ init genesis/genesis3.json

Iam getting the following response:

Fatal: Failed to read genesis file: open genesis/genesis3.json: no such file or directory

How do I resolve this?
Jan 5, 2020 in Blockchain by vt
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Hi, @vt,

Did you create your own genesis file with parameters that suit your configuration?
Nope. I copied the exact Json code provided in the tutorial video. Yet its showing the error
Are you trying to build a private or public Etherium?
A private one I think.

Have you watched the Edureka video on Blockchain on Youtube?

Basically there we are creating the go ethereum folder by cloning the github repository
You are suppossed to modify the genesis file according to your requirement if you are creating a private one.

Can you please share the link of that video you are following?

Thank you

Here's the link. I've included the exact timestamp at which the modification of the Genesis file starts.

That's true. But I don't actually know what I require. So I modified it in the way as given in the video.

Do you have the permissions to access to the genesis file?
Yup I do have access.
Hi, I am also getting the same error, please let me know how did you resolve this?

Hi, @EdurekaI

If you want to create a private Ethereum network, you need to create your own genesis file with customized parameters suitable for you. This ensures that you're running your version of the blockchain. Not the public ethereum blockchain.

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Hi, I am also getting the same error, please let me know how did you resolve this?
answered Sep 17, 2020 by Edureka
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