Deploy a static website on a webserver

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Hey Guys! I have a Linux system and I need to deploy a static website on it. I know I need to use webservers but I don't know how to?

Can somebody help me?

Dec 13, 2019 in Linux Administration by Hannah
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Hi @hannah. You are right, you need to use a webserver. Let me give you an example of how you can use Nginx. Follow these steps:

1. Install Nginx

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nginx

2. Move your static webpage content to the Nginx server. 

Create a directory in /var/www/

Move all the contents into this file.

Now you'll need to tell your Nginx about yours website

3. Configure you Nginx server, something like this:

server {
  listen 80 default_server;
  listen [::]:80 default_server;  root /var/www/;  index index.html;  server_name;  location / {
    try_files $uri $uri/ =404;

4. Now restart your Nginx server.

sudo systemctl restart nginx
answered Dec 13, 2019 by Travis

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