sonar property file & Analysis properties are getting exclusion in them

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How am I gonna add exclusions in sonar "Analysis properties" in jenkins even exclusion available in sonar property file.

I have exclusions in property file, and I have added exclusion in "Analysis properties" in jenkins. But while scanning it is excluding only the files given in "Analysis properties", but not from the property file.

I need the exclusion stated both in Property file as well as from the Analysis properties field and I am stuck.

Can anyone help me with this?

Jun 5, 2018 in Other DevOps Questions by Atul
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I think following things should be kept in mind. Properties are not cumulative. As described at the top of this page, there is a fallback structure and the first-found value is the one that's used from this order of checking:

  1. Properties file
  2. Command line
  3. project-level properties defined in the UI
  4. global-level properties

I hope that the above information will be useful to you.

answered Jun 5, 2018 by Damon Salvatore
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