Recovering a git branch

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One of my teammates, accidentally deleted a branch and has already pushed the changes to central git repo. There are no other git repos and none of my teammates has a local copy. How to recover that branch?
Nov 26, 2019 in Git & GitHub by anonymous
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Check out the latest commit to this branch in the reflog, and then check it out as a new branch.

  • Reflog is a mechanism to record when the tip of branches are updated. This command is to manage the information recorded in it. Basically every action you perform inside of Git where data is stored, you can find it inside of the reflog.

  • git reflog won't navigate HEAD's progressive system by any stretch of the imagination. The reflog speak to the requested rundown of the submits that HEAD has indicated: it's fixed history for our repo. 

  • The reflog isn't a piece of the repo itself (it's put away independently to the submits themselves) and is excluded in pushes, gets or clones; it's absolutely neighbourhood. you can't generally lose information from your repo once it's been dedicated. 

  • On the off chance that you incidentally reset to a more established submit, or rebase wrongly, or whatever other tasks that outwardly "evacuate" submit, you can utilize the reflog to see where you were previously and git reset - hard back to that ref to reestablish your past state

answered Nov 26, 2019 by Sirajul
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