How to set up and use Pub/Sub Notifications for Cloud Storage?

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I want to set up and use Pub/Sub Notifications for Cloud Storage, so that I can track changes to your Cloud Storage objects. How can I set this up?
Nov 21 in GCP by anonymous
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The following steps add a notification configuration to your bucket that sends notifications for all supported events. 

To send notifications for a subset of events, include the -e flag with your gsutil command or the event_types key in the body of your JSON request.

Here's how you can do it using gsutil:

Use the gsutil notification create command, replacing [VALUES_IN_BRACKETS] with the appropriate values:

gsutil notification create -t [TOPIC_NAME] -f json gs://[BUCKET_NAME]

If you use a [TOPIC_NAME] that doesn't exist in your project, gsutil creates one for you.

answered Nov 21 by Sirajul
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