Is there any other way for migrating from Amazon S3 to Cloud storage without having to use API s

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I am new to Google Cloud Storage. I have a requirement to migrate my data from Amazon S3 to Cloud Storage. I am not so well versed nor comfortable with the Cloud Storage API's. Is there any simple work around so that I get my job done without having to use API's?
Oct 24, 2019 in GCP by Sam
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If you are new to Cloud Storage and will not be using the API directly, consider using the Google Cloud Platform Console to set and manage transfers. 

The Google Cloud Platform Console provides a graphical interface to Cloud Storage that enables you to accomplish many of your storage tasks using just a browser, including migration of your data from Amazon S3 to Cloud Storage.

Setting up a transfer job

  1. Open the Transfer page in the Google Cloud Platform Console.

  2. Click Create transfer job.

    Select a tab below for setup instructions. Your steps depend on whether your source is a Cloud Storage bucket, Amazon S3 bucket, or URL list.

  3. Under Select source, select Amazon S3 bucket.

  4. In the Amazon S3 bucket text box, specify the source Amazon S3 bucket name.

    The bucket name is the name as it appears in the AWS Management Console.

  5. In the respective text boxes, enter the Access key ID and Secret key associated with the Amazon S3 bucket.

  6. To specify a subset of files in your source, click Specify file filters beneath the bucket field. You can include or exclude files based on file name prefix and file age. 

  7. Under Select destination, choose a sink bucket or create a new one.

    To choose an existing bucket, enter the name of the bucket (without the prefix gs://), or click Browse and browse to it.

    To transfer files to a new bucket, click Browse and then click the New bucket icon.

  8. Enable overwrite/delete options if needed.

    By default, your transfer job only overwrites an object when the source version is different from the sink version. No other objects are overwritten or deleted. Enable additional overwrite/delete options under Transfer options. For more information on your options, see TransferOptions in the API reference.

  9. Under Configure transfer, schedule your transfer job to Run now (one time) or Run daily at the local time you specify.

  10. [Optional] Edit the transfer job name under Description. Use a unique, descriptive name to help identify your transfer job later.

  11. Click Create.

For more info regarding using console for transfer purpose refer 

answered Oct 24, 2019 by Sirajul
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