[Pipeline] withDockerContainer Jenkins does not seem to be running inside a container

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Hi Team,

I am getting an error while running the Jenkins file tp build and push the docker image into docker hub .

you can reveiw my code github : https://github.com/iakshaykr/webapp.git (using jenkins_pipe branch not master branch )

Jenkinsfile : 

pipeline {
    environment {
        registry= "iakshaykr/webapp"
        registryCredential= 'dockerhub'

    agent { dockerfile true }

    stages {
        stage('Bilding image') {
            steps {
             script {
                 docker.build registry + ":$BUILD_NUMBER"

Nov 9 in Jenkins by Akshay
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Have you installed docker, docker plugin/docker pipeline on the latest version? Also make sure to add the installation root path in the configuration tool!

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Hey @Karan, I just missed out on adding the installation root path in config tool. Once I did that, it worked like a charm.

Thanks a lot.

@Akshay, try out @Karan's workaround, might help.
answered Nov 14 by Eric

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