I am trying to view and preprocess a mhd and raw image types on jupyter notebook but I am getting a syntax error

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import SimpleITK as sitk
import numpy as np
This funciton reads a '.mhd' file using SimpleITK and return the image array, origin and spacing of the image.

def load_itk('C:/Users/tek/SampleNodule'):
    # Reads the image using SimpleITK
    itkimage = sitk.ReadImage('C:/Users/tek/SampleNodule')

    # Convert the image to a  numpy array first and then shuffle the dimensions to get axis in the order z,y,x
    ct_scan = sitk.GetArrayFromImage(itkimage)

    # Read the origin of the ct_scan, will be used to convert the coordinates from world to voxel and vice versa.
    origin = np.array(list(reversed(itkimage.GetOrigin())))

    # Read the spacing along each dimension
    spacing = np.array(list(reversed(itkimage.GetSpacing())))

    return ct_scan, origin, spacing

# finally I am getting the following error and I can't fix it as i am novice for machine learing in python.
File "<ipython-input-4-5829076b62cd>", line 7
    def load_itk('C:/Users/tek/SampleNodule'):
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
Nov 4, 2019 in Python by tekle
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Hey @tekle, 

You cannot use a string in the function definition. You can only use an object and then pass a string to it. Something like this:

def samp(sample):
    im = sitk.ReadImage("C:/Users/omkar/Downloads/images.jpg")

answered Nov 4, 2019 by Payal
thank you very much, sir. It helps me a lot. and you saved me from plenty of searches on google.

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