How do I create a cloud function trigger to respond to a integrity failure

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Oct 23, 2019 in GCP by anonymous
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Create a Cloud Functions trigger that reads the data in the Cloud Pub/Sub topic and that stops any Shielded VM instance that fails integrity validation.

  1. The following code defines the Cloud Functions trigger. Copy it into a file named

    import base64
    import json
    import googleapiclient.discovery
    def shutdown_vm(data, context):
        """A Cloud Function that shuts down a VM on failed integrity check."""
        log_entry = json.loads(base64.b64decode(data['data']).decode('utf-8'))
        payload = log_entry.get('jsonPayload', {})
        entry_type = payload.get('@type')
        if entry_type != '':
          raise TypeError("Unexpected log entry type: %s" % entry_type)
        report_event = (payload.get('earlyBootReportEvent')
            or payload.get('lateBootReportEvent'))
        if report_event is None:
          # We received a different event type, ignore.
        policy_passed = report_event['policyEvaluationPassed']
        if not policy_passed:
          print('Integrity evaluation failed: %s' % report_event)
          print('Shutting down the VM')
          instance_id = log_entry['resource']['labels']['instance_id']
          project_id = log_entry['resource']['labels']['project_id']
          zone = log_entry['resource']['labels']['zone']
          # Shut down the instance.
          compute =
              'compute', 'v1', cache_discovery=False)
          # Get the instance name from instance id.
          list_result = compute.instances().list(
                  filter='id eq %s' % instance_id).execute()
          if len(list_result['items']) != 1:
            raise KeyError('unexpected number of items: %d'
                % len(list_result['items']))
          instance_name = list_result['items'][0]['name']
          result = compute.instances().stop(project=project_id,
          print('Instance %s in project %s has been scheduled for shut down.'
              % (instance_name, project_id))
  2. In the same location as, create a file named requirements.txt and copy in the following dependencies:

  3. Open a terminal window and navigate to the directory containing and requirements.txt.

  4. Run the gcloud beta functions deploy command to deploy the trigger:

    gcloud beta functions deploy shutdown_vm --project YOUR_PROJECT_ID \
        --runtime python37 --trigger-resource integrity-monitoring \
        --trigger-event google.pubsub.topic.publish

    replacing YOUR_PROJECT_ID with the ID of your project.

answered Oct 23, 2019 by Sirajul
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