Want to Leave Deep Learning Process Running on AWS and then reconnect later

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I am working on deep learning with simple datasets that I run in under 1 hour.
However, as I will start to work on bigger projects I want to run them on AWS and still some of them need a very long time. I want to leave them in a running state, even after switching off my laptop and see the working state.

My questions are:

1. Once I have entered into my instance using SSH and set the Python script running, is there anything I need to type to tell it that I will be leaving it?

2. If I just exit the terminal directly and turn my laptop off or will this interrupt the process?

3. When I come back at a later date and ssh back into the terminal, what do I need to type to reconnect with the process that has been running?

4. How can I check how far it has progressed/how far it has left to go, also my Python script outputs number of epochs/batches
Jun 4, 2018 in AWS by Flying geek
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You can run the process in a screen which will allow you to disconnect and reconnect without interrupting the process.

  1. SSH into instance
  2. Type 'screen'
  3. Run script
  4. Ctrl+a Ctrl+d to detach

You can now disconnect.

Reattach to the screen by typing 'screen -r'

You can have multiple screens and you can simply attach to this using the PID

For more information on screen, check out their screen manual: CLICK HERE

answered Jun 4, 2018 by Cloud gunner
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