CloudFormation - Is there on template sample to create two ec2 instance and one rds instance

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Is there on template sample to create two ec2 instance and one rds instance?

How can I create one template with this scenario?
Sep 25, 2019 in AWS by anonymous
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Hey, Have a look at different templates offered by cloud formation. The one that you require might not be there. But you can always create a custom template according to your requirement. 

To start designing your own templates with AWS CloudFormation Designer, go to

Also, let me know more details about the required configuration and I'll help you create one. 

Hope this helped!!

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Thank you!

answered Sep 26, 2019 by Kalgi
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Hi Kalgi,

I am looking for a an EC2 connected with aws aurora rds cluster database. Are there any ready templates which i can use to deploy this kind of app.

Can you help me if you have any templates with you.
Why do you want to connect your rds cluster with ec2 instance? Isn't it just easier to use the rds instances?

Also, I am not sure if connecting the two competitors is possible.

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