I wanted to change the entire row where index is 9 how can i do that

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Sep 16, 2019 in Python by anonymous

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Import the file as a pandas dataframe and then you this code(Make necessary changes):

import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_csv("<path/to/file>")


answered Sep 16, 2019 by Rishi

Thanks alot. I have one more problem now i wanted to change the date time format to YYYY-MM-SS HH:MM:SS so can you please suggest some peace of code to satisfy this solution.


Try this:

import datetime

date1 = "3/05/18 12:39"
date, time = date1.split(' ')
date2 = datetime.datetime.strptime(date, '%d/%m/%y').strftime('%Y/%m/%d')
date2 = (date2+' '+time)

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