How to assign a groovy variable to a shell variable

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I have the following code snippet in my Declarative Jenkins pipeline wherein I am trying to assign a groovy array variable 'test_id' to a shell array variable 't_id'. 


def test_id

                  sh """

                  t_id=($(bash -c \" source ./ ${BITBUCKET_COMMON_CREDS_USR} ${BITBUCKET_COMMON_CREDS_PSW} ${env.StoryId} \"))



                   echo "${test_id[0]}"

                   echo "${test_id[1]}"


The shell commands work in the bash shell but when I add the multi line sh step, I am getting the below syntax error when I run it in Jenkins. Can you please help?

WorkflowScript: 46: illegal string body character after dollar sign;
   solution: either escape a literal dollar sign "\$5" or bracket the value expression "${5}" @ line 46, column 20.
                     	sh """
Sep 11, 2019 in Jenkins by Abhilash
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See if this could help you @Abhilash This might have something to do with String interpolation I believe. Try adding the shebang line as well, just in case.

Hi Karan,

Thanks for your inputs. But, the string interpolation as provided in the link works for accessing the groovy variable in the shell script. I am actually interested in assigning the groovy array list variable 'test_id' with the shell script array variable 't_id'. I tried it but it is not working. Is there a way we can achieve this?

How to read the  shell variable in groovy / how to assign shell return value to groovy variable. 

Requirement : Open a text file read the lines  using shell and store the value in groovy  and get the parameter for each line .

Here , is delimiter

Ex: releaseModule.txt




Here want to get  module name 2nd Parameter (configurable-wf-report) ,  build no 3rd  Parameter (94), commit id 4th (23crb1)

def  module = sh(script: """awk -F',' '{ print \$2 "," \$3 "," \$4 }' releaseModules.txt  | sort -u """, returnStdout: true).trim()

echo module

List lines = module.split( '\n' ).findAll { !it.startsWith( ',' ) }

def buildid

def Modname

lines.each {

List det1 =  it.split(',')


Modname = det1[0].trim()

tag= det1[2].trim()


echo Modname               

echo buildid

                echo tag




Can you explain your requirement a little bit more? Also, share your complete script?
I had provided the solution, those who want to assign shell array value to groovy variable.

Just pass the shell array value file, and use pipeline, stages, stage, step, script. Inside the script pass my code.

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I have tried the following in my script and it worked 

stage ('Test about page')
echo '===========Testing============'
test_output = sh (script: 'java -jar Final_test.jar ', , returnStdout:true).trim()
echo 'test passed !!! '
// if the test is successful push the image to docker registry
sh 'sudo docker push smartbond/simple-php-website:v${BUILD_NUMBER}'

Please try the underlined statement to convert the groovy variable to shell script.

<groovy variable> = sh (script: '<shell command> ', , returnStdout:true).trim()

The output is a string and you can assign this to a shellscript ${<variable name>} 

reference :



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answered Dec 4, 2019 by Raveendiran
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selected Dec 4, 2019 by Kalgi

Hi @Raveendiran! I understand your answer but I have a small doubt. If the command docker push command fails(I always end up with errors while pushing an image to the Docker registry), what will be the value of "test_result"?

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To use a template string, where variables are substituted into a string, use double-quotes. So here, you can use \$ only for shell environment variables and use $ for groovy variables.

$ sh "echo \$some_var" 
answered Dec 14, 2020 by MD
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