How to increase aws ebs volume using ansible

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I would like to increase my aws ebs which is currently running. Its ubuntu 16 which having 30 harddisk. Now I need to increase upto 50 gb. How to create ansible playbook to increase hard disk? Is possible? If any one have sample playbook kindly provide me. It will be helpful. Thanks.
Sep 9, 2019 in Ansible by Lakshminarayanan
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Hey, I am unaware of any specific parameter that lets you resize an already attached volume. But You can use the command module to execute a CLI command and change the elb volume size.

 - name: resize elb volume
      command: >
       aws ec2 modify-volume --volume-type io1 --iops 10000 --size 50 --volume-id vol-11111111111111111 
answered Sep 9, 2019 by Kalgi
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Many Thanks Kalgi. I will check and update you.
Cool, let me know! :)
i have tried kalgi. But its creating 8 gb harddisk and attached to that instance as /dev/sdf secondary volume in that instance. Can't we resize same volume ? kalgi. below is my playbook. its confusing too. but its creating 8gb harddisk and it attache to same instance as secondary disk (/dev/sdf).

- hosts: localhost
  connection: local
  become: yes
  gather_facts: no
    region: us-east-1
    az: us-east-1c
    volumesize: 8
    instance_id: i-xxxxxxxxx
    - name: To Get Volume-Id
      command: "aws ec2 describe-volumes
                --region us-east-1
                --filters Name=attachment.instance-id,Values=i-xxxxxxxxxx Name=attachment.delete-on-termination,Values=true
                --query 'Volumes[*].VolumeId' --output text"
      register: volumeid

    - name: To Increase a Volume Size
        instance: "{{ instance_id }}"
        region: "{{ region }}"
        #id: "{{ volumeid.stdout }}"
        zone: "{{ az }}"
        volume_size: "{{ volumesize }}"
      when: volumeid.stdout!="None"

i tried lot. But i will try again and however find the solution .

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