MongoDB or MongoDB Atlas - AWS

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Hi. I am going to develop a social media like a web application. I going to do with react in frontend, and node for Server-side. I am going to deploy it in an Aws instance. For file storage, I have chosen S3. I am really confused to choose the database. Whether MongoDb or Dynamo Db.
I have seen both advantages and disadvantages for those two.I am really confused. If I choose MongoDB should I go with Mongo atlas on aws (or)  configure MongoDB in my instance?

I prefer Nosql because I need to learn it and please note that it's a single developer application, so please help to decide the correct and easy database.
Aug 30, 2019 in AWS by Tameem

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Hey @Tameem, MongoDB would be a good option. Whether to go for mongo atlas or the traditional set up depends on your requirements. Atlas gives a very easy way to set up the cluster and manage your queries. The only problem would be that its comparatively expensive. It totally depends on your requirement, if speed is a bigger aspect then its better to go for atlas, else a traditional way would also be good enough.
answered Aug 30, 2019 by Yamini

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