Can I copy objects from one s3 bucket to another

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Can I copy objects from one s3 bucket to another using s3api.
Aug 23, 2019 in AWS by Nisha

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You can use something like this:

aws s3api copy-object --copy-source bucket1/test.txt --key test.txt --bucket bucket2

you can use the --copy-source flag for this purpose.

answered Aug 23, 2019 by Mihir
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We can use sync command to move objects from one bucket to another bucket.

aws s3 sync s3://ORIGINAL_BUCKET s3://NEW_BUCKET

Before that, we need to create a new S3 bucket and also verify the buckets by recursive command

aws s3 ls --recursive s3://ORIGINAL_BUCKET_NAME

aws s3 ls --recursive s3://NEW_BUCKET_NAME
answered Jan 27, 2020 by vivek
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